ビジュール #B2494 メーターユニット FJB-00


ビジュール #B2494 メーターユニット FJB-00

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  • 入口: M8x1
  • 出口:M8x1 4mm用
  •  ビジュール #B2494

The Bijur Delimon Meter Unit FJB-00 (SKU B2494) is a specialized lubrication distribution component designed to deliver precise amounts of lubricant to various mechanical systems. Below are the main details of this product:


  • モデル: FJB-00
  • SKU:B2494
  • 材料:真鍮
  • 潤滑剤: Oil
  • 入口と出口: 5/16-24 threads, suitable for 5/32 or 4mm tubing


  • The FJB-00 meter unit is part of a series of metering devices designed to accurately distribute lubricating oil in various mechanical systems.
  • The series includes different flow rates and configurations, such as FJB-0, FJB-1, FJB-2, etc., to cater to specific lubrication needs .
  • This unit is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of machinery by ensuring precise lubrication.


  • Users should verify the compatibility of the FJB-00 meter unit with their specific lubrication systems and requirements.
  • It is designed for easy integration into existing lubrication setups, providing reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.

By ensuring the correct model and configuration, users can achieve optimal lubrication and performance in their mechanical systems.

重量 0.1キロ
寸法 10×3センチ×3
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